ZRP Police Not Allowed To Confiscate Your Driver’s Licence

ZRP Traffic Police

Police officers who have been confiscating motorists driver’s licences have been doing this illegally and Police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba has said anyone who has had this happen to them should report to their nearest police station or call ZRP National Complaints on 04-703631.

Police officers, usually at roadblocks have been using this as a method to get motorists to pay spot fines, when a crime is alleged to have been committed. No mention in the article is made towards the legality of spot fines, an issue that was hotly debated early last year, but for now your licence is safe (well it least it should be).

Police officers should not confiscate driver’s licences and those who have their licences taken should report to the officers-in-charge at police stations, officer commanding district, and province or at our head office. The driver’s licence is owned by that person. One should only pay a spot fine. An amount of $20 is allowed to be paid to the police officers.”

The practice has seen police officers taking a motorist’s licence, then for that motorist to have to later go and look for that officer at the said police officer’s police station. This has seen them losing valuable time and money trying to locate that officer. In certain instances the officer will lose the licence.

The issue of identification of police officer’s was also brought up with the Senior Assistant Commissioner mentioning that it was a funding issue and Government was working towards rectifying it.

Renowned lawyer Mr Jonathan Samkange said that it was unconstitutional for anyone to take your licence as a means of punishing you as only a court is authorised to take it. By taking one’s driver’s licence, a police officer would be contravening the motorist’s freedom of movement, he added.

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