Zimra Increases Duty On Imported Second Hand Cars…

used car imports

Those that are interested in bringing in secondhand cars from either England or Japan need to be advised that the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has hiked the amount payable on import duty with effect from 1 March 2016.

This will see importers paying increased amounts by between $300 to $1,000 when they bring in vehicles such as Toyota Corolla (both bubble and old shape), Toyota Vitz and Toyota Raum (old and new shapes) as well as Honda Fit’s, which are vehicles that have a high demand locally.

Duty is calculated at 96 percent inclusive of VAT and Surtax of what it costs to buy the vehicle and transport it to the port of entry at any Zimbabwean border post as well as the year of manufacture and fuel transmission type (automatic or manual).

There has not an increase in the rate (it remains at a total of 96%) but what changes it the method to which they calculate duty on a vehicle. From the infromation at hand it looks like Zimra are “now calculating value of duty based on a revised national catalogue. The idea is to avoid the idea of the same type of vehicle paying different duties at different ports of entry and under the latest development the duty is now uniform,” said an unnamed official.

We have reached out to Zimra to establish what the exact factors are now being taken into consideration when a vehicle’s duty is being calculated or perhaps to get our hands on their “revised national catalogue”.

Main Image Credit: Herald.co.zw

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