This Is What Adele’s “Hello” Sounds Like When Zimbabweans Get Their Hands On It…

After Taps performed his cover of Adele’s “Hello” and made a statement about Zimbabwean talent on the music scene, a number of Zimbabweans have given a shot to try and match or beat Taps feat. Most are hilarious but there’s a song or two that will make you proud of being Zimbabwean once again.

Hear he him (and her)…


Uglyshia of the Team Bulawayo fame, performed her horrendous version, that will make you cringe. Nowhere close to the remix of Silentó’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”.


Not to be out done, Monique, of the Zimbabwean alphabet fame, performed her own localised version.


There have been a number of responses to Adele’s phone call and this is one of the funniest that we’ve managed to find.


If anything, hearing Adele’s song in a translated version is pleasing, not only for the creativity but also for the simplicity that it brings in helping us understand the song better.


Shaun Mundawarara performs an acapella version (all by himself) and this version ranks high among the many that have clearly made this song the hit that it is.


Nutty O Di Bwoy gives this reggae version that can compete on a worldwide scale as one of the best out there.

Do you know of any other local versions that are pleasing to hear/watch? That show the creativity of Zimbabweans? Do feel share to share the link in the comments and we’ll gladly update this article.