Zimbabwean Youth Are Having It Hard And The Government Needs To Act

As the situation in Zimbabwe becomes even more dire, university graduates even becoming garbage men, the most affected are the ‘youth’, that’s your 16 – 35 year age group. With jobs and opportunities hard to come by some unemployed youngsters have had their bridge broken which now sees them spending their day discussing frivolous matters such as who is better; Seh Calaz or Soul Jah Love (Zimbabwe Zimdancehall artists).

Here’s a plea for help:

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This is a humorous take on the unemployment problem as it sees the ever more popular Prosper ‘The comic Pastor’ making an appeal to the Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment to repair a bridge which his friends and him used to hang out on.

He then goes on to state that if they spend the day at home their parents accuse them of not looking for work. If they go look for work, industries are closed.

At the bridge they could discuss about who was richer, Phillip Chiyangwa or Genius Kadungure, but now that the piece of bridge remaining is so small ‘ghetto youth’ are monopolising it and end up fighting about petty issues such as who is better Seh Calaz or Soul Jah Love.

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