Zimbabwean University Graduates Just Got Turned Down From Marching By The Police. Look Out For ZRP’s Reason…

Over the last couple of weeks, a number of people have been voicing their concerns about the situation in Zimbabwe. Most notebly has been the ‘#ThisFlag Movement’ that had a little known Pastor at the time posting videos encouraging citizens to take up their Zimbabwean flags and show their love for their country, but hold the Government accountable.

That Zimbabwe churns out thousands of graduates from its 14 universities every year is commendable, but there being limited job opportunities for those trained has made them take up just about opportunity available.

To voice their concerns a group of them decided to take to the streets and demonstrate, handing a petition to Parliament, asking the country’s legislators to look into it.

Unfortunately, the police, who oversee the approval of such gatherings and marches, turned down the applicants citing:

This office is however discouraging issue of marching in the Central Business District as it interrupts the smooth flow of both human and vehicular traffic (emphasis mine).

Makes you wonder after seeing such scenes in the very same CBD:

Zanu PF youth march


Zanu PF youth march


Zanu PF youth march

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