Zimbabwean Celebrities Speak As Zimbabwe’s Power Situation Improves…

Zesa prepaid meter

For the better part of December 2015 and the whole of this year if you had a power cut for more than 2 minutes there was something definitely wrong. ZESA seem to have pulled up their socks and are now doing what they are meant to do, though as typical Zimbos we’re rather curious to know “why we have power”.

That said, an article in a Zimbabwean daily newspaper states there has not been any power cut in the whole of Zimbabwe since 5 January! To add to this ZESA spokesperson Fullard Gwasira said at a workshop recently:

We have an importation programme; we are getting power from Mozambique and South Africa, but at a higher tariff than our retail price so the current situation (of uninterrupted supplies) is not sustainable at the current tariff rate.”

The Minister of Energy and Power Development, Samuel Undenge, has said that this discrepancy between prices is unsustainable and a tariff increase is inevitable.

We set out to seek comment from local celebrities as to what they think about the recent ‘abnormality’, because attempts for us to make sense of it have failed.

Fantan (Chillspot Records): We ah happy magetsi haasi kuenda. Dai zvikaramba zvaka dai. (We are happy electricity is not going. If only it could remain like this).

Patson Dzamara: It is certainly a good development and many people are enjoying it. Ever since I returned to Zimbabwe on the 29th of December to date there has never been a power outage in the area I stay in. That is commendable. It is our wish to have this continue.

Carl Joshua Ncube: I have only realised now with the lack of load-shedding especially in my area just how expensive electricity is. YOH!!!! Load-shedding has been saving my wallet it seems all this time.

Annie-Grace Mutambu: Okay, honestly life is easier when there is electricity because we use it to do many things. I’m also a student so that means now with the continued supply of electricity I can study at night.

Rabison Shumba: The reduced load shedding is a welcome development in our nation from both business and personal life points of view. Businesses require energy to operate at maximum capacity and to keep people employed. People in homes require convenience and good quality of life. One would hope this remains so for some time to come.

What has the power situation been like in your area? How do you feel about the continued supply of power?