Zimbabwean Armed Robbers Cause Accident in Zambia (Pictures)

News coming out of Zambia is that 3 armed robbers who are said to be Zimbabweans were arrested by Zambian Police yesterday in Lusaka. The three caused an accident in Lusaka with at east 4 cars being damaged. it’s not clear what the circumstances of the accidents where exactly but thankfully they were apprehended.

Even though not verified if they are indeed, Zimbabweans, they give the country a bad name!


ARMED Police officers from the Anti-Robbery Squad with guns drawn comb through an area in Rhodes Park yesterday where they exchanged gunfire with some robbers. (Image credit: Mwebantu Zambia)



Scene of the accident caused by the armed robbers, apparently, as they fled



Another angle of the scene of the accident of at east 4 cars caused by the Zimbabwean armed robbers, apparently, as they fled

Pictures by Chris Ndhlovu

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