Zimbabwe Just Removed A Statute From Its Constitution – Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal

The Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe recently sat and ruled that there was a constitutional infringement Section 121 (3) of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act.

When an offender was arrested and brought before the courts, the said offender had the opportunity to apply for bail from the court while waiting for their trial to begin.

Unfortunately, when an offender would be granted bail by the courts, prosecutors (who represent the State in criminal matters) would invoke what was termed Section 121 and have the said suspect kept in police custody for an extra seven days.

Many suspects would be kept incarcerated, albeit for 7 days, after they would have been granted bail by the courts.

The Constitutional Court will release their reasons for such a judgement but in essence the State can no longer keep people behind bars after they have been granted bail.

No, this is not a licence to go out there and commit offenses, but be guided accordingly.

More details on the judgement, go to the Herald or Newsday.

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