6 Amazing Videos Of Zimbabwe Seen From The Sky…

We have long celebrated Zimbabwe to be a wonderful destination for many that come from near and far alike. The weather that prevails overseas doesn’t match anything that we have here in Zimbabwe and for this reason we ought to celebrate it.

However, a look at previous visits that have been made by foreigners to our country and the glowing reports about our land will show that we do not celebrate ourselves enough.

Below are videos that were taken by drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAVs) that operate much in the same way that a photographer on a helicopter would, but in this case the device is sometimes no bigger than an A4 textbook, fitted with a camera. The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) are yet to make a ruling on regulations surrounding them, meanwhile some people have managed to take footage of Zimbabwe using these devices.

Below, we share the top 5 that we have managed to find online that help us look at our country a different way (we’re not just populated with vendors).

If there are any videos that you know of posted online, please post a link to them below and will consider to include them in a future list.

Imire Rhino Breeding Programme

White Horse Inn, Vumba

Victoria Falls


Various Places

Various Places (including Antelope Park)