You’ll Be Surprised That Even in Zimbabwe It’s Cheaper To Fly

1. You get there much faster, hence you save time.

For example, to get to Victoria Falls from Harare by car, you will spend more than 12 hours on the road, more if going by bus. However, if you fly with, say, Fastjet, it’s just 2 hours. People that have flown to Dar Es Salaam from Harare know how big a difference in time flying makes.


Harare to Victoria Falls by road

2. It’s cheaper to fly, for some routes

By bus, the cheapest one way trip ticket from Harare to Victoria Falls is about $30. Some buses cost as much as $60!

By car, the cheapest when using a very efficient car is $98.  With about 875km of road, we have assumed that your car can do 15km/litre which is very rare as most cars are actually in the 9-13km/litre range. There are 9 toll gates on your way, at $2 each (no, Police are NOT toll gates and you have to factor that in yourself!). We have also assumed that you don’t buy any food or drinks on the way. It’s clearly cheaper to fly.

By plane, the same distance is just $20($38 when you factor in taxes). Flying used to be a non starter for ordinary people. Now, with the introduction low cost airlines like Fastjet that is now flying local routes, you can fly from Harare to Victoria Falls for just $38.



3. Great aerial view

There’s nothing as breathtaking as the sight of the Victoria Falls from an aeroplane and in these days of smartphones you can get some really great photos to share with your followers on Instagram and Facebook.



4. Driving is wasted time

If you’re a busy person driving time is “wasted time” — you can’t do anything useful while driving. But when you take a plane, you can read, study, work, or sleep.


5. Flying is much safer than driving. 

Transport safety in the world is measured in deaths per passenger-km and planes are by far safer.  Assume for example if 140 people need to travel 1,000 km around the country. They would need only one plane, but they’d need 35 cars (4 people per car).  By plane therefore it’d only be 1,000 plane-km, but that’s 35,000 car-km by driving, because the 35 cars are each travel 1,000 km. So the exposure in traveling by car is 35x higher per person. So even though cars produce fewer fatalities per km, there are more total deaths because of the number of km driven.