Zambia’s President Just Attended A Funeral And Did This…

A rain storm broke out in Bauleni Township, in Zambia late November 2015.

At least five people including children died in Lusaka’s Bauleni compound following heavy rains that swept through the area.

Zambia’s President, Edgar Lungu attended the funeral of one the deceased and is pictured below.

Edgar Lunga sitting, Guy Scott

Three things stood out:

1. Humbleness

It’s not often that a President goes to attend a non-high profile person’s funeral, as it is seen to bring very little political mileage. Lungu goes against the grain and makes sure he conveys his sympathies to the deceased’s family.

2. Humbleness

He is pictured sitting minus any security detail, as what seems to be more important is consoling than being protected or the comfort of a couch.

3. Humbleness

Over and above the items mentioned, he is seated next to his predecessor, Guy Scott, who he ousted in the January 2015 presidential elections. Scott had taken over the presidency from Michael Sata and was president for 3 months.

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