You’ll Want To Read This Announcement If Your WhatsApp Is Expiring Soon…

WhatsApp logo

An announcement has been made by the ever so popular instant messaging mobile application recently that they will remove subscriptions to their services for all types of devices. Over the next coming weeks WhatsApp will be removing the subscription due date from your app and you will not need to pay them for the service.

Yes, it will be FREE to use, not just for the first year but forever they say.

How will they sustain such a service when nothing is really free? Well, they will look at ways that will allow you to communicate with businesses and services that you WANT to, a lot similar to the way the WhatsApp bot that Zimbabweans have been enjoying recently. basically, if you want to check with GTeL what is the status of your credit application for a phone you will be able to do that (hopefully automatically, where in this instance you’ll send in some keyword like ‘credit check’ and in one second you will receive a response telling you where your application is). The ideas for such a service are just too numerous.

They are still very much against spam (unsolicited messages), so looks like my previous incident of getting banned from the service will still hold true.

So if your WhatsApp subscription was falling due anytime soon, no need to get in touch with anyone outside the country to pay for you, because WhatsApp are no longer charging for you to use the service. you will still need to pay your mobile network (Econet, Telecel, NetOne, etc) for you to have internet, but certain parts of the world they had to further pay for using the application.

Main Image Credit: WhatsApp Web