You’ll Never Believe What This Zimdancehall Artist Does As A Day Job…

Mdara Chasi, Fortune Chasi, Zimdancehall, Zimbabwe Politicians

As Zimdancehall has overtaken Zimbabwe’s music airwaves just about all and sundry have given their voice to the popular music genre. But there is one surprise to the list of artists who have taken up the mic and churned out songs: ‘Mdara Chasi

Stage Name

‘Mdara’ is a term that means ‘old man’ in Zimbabwean local language Shona. It is also a term used to describe a male who is older with respect. As Zimdancehall artists are in their teens if not twenties, he stands out as one of the olders performers in the genre at 51 years of age.

Fortune Chasi, Mdara Chasi


He is a qualified lawyer and has his own law firm; Chasi, Mlotshwa & Co. from where he practices from. Added to this, in 2013 he stood for election in Mazowe South and won a ZANU PF party seat. Soon after he was appointed as Deputy Minister of Justice, Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs and held this office until December 2014 when a number of MPs were kicked out of the ruling party.

He currently practices as an Advocate.

As Zimdancehall Artist

In mid-2015 Chasi would resurface on the scene as a Zimdancehall artist, doing collaborations were established artists Killer T and Guspy Warrior, with his songs having a take on the day to day struggles that Zimbabweans are faced with.

Zimbabwe Ino – Killa T ft Mudhara Chasi

Life Haizi Easy – Guspy Warrior ft Mudhara Chasi

Nherera – Solo single

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