You Will Love The Way These Vendors Decided To Market Their Goods…

Harare fruit vendor, push cart

In a market that is highly competitive, sellers have to come up with innovative and creative ways to advertise their wares in order to get recognised in a crowded market. These sellers took that creativity to a whole new level…

Street Hawker

If you did managed to catch what he is saying, in stock is: matemba, jolly juice, yogetta, biscuits, airtime, among other items. Love the way he just rhymes it all into a song of sorts. Definitely has my attention and my dollar.

Carrot Vendor

This vendor with his push cart has come up with a song that attempts to set his product apart from the rest, using Zimbabwe’s own version of reggae and ragga – Zimdancehall.

Rasta MaCarrots

I’m not too sure whether Rasta MaCarrots, as the vendor became known as after this “hit” single, stayed long as a vendor or moved on to music.

Carl Joshua Ncube

Zimbabwe’s top comedian gives his advice to aspiring sellers as to how to stand out and be recognised. Just loved it.

Main Image Credit: Zimbabwe Absurdity

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