You’ll Never Believe What The Minister Over ZESA Chose Over Us Having Power…

Yesterday the Minister of Energy and Power Development, Samuel Undenge appeared before the National Assembly briefing parliamentarians on the power situation.

That this guy still has a job is a question for another day.

However, in his presentation there are a multitude of tit bits as to why the power situation has gotten to where it is today.

Winter Wheat

Winter WheatImage Via:

One of the reasons that stood out like a soar thumb is that the power utility prioritised  “winter wheat” instead of us having power right now.

Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone

loaf of breadImage Via:

Apparently, the Minister knew about the pending shortages and instead of rationing power in April 2015, opted to continue running at full throttle so that as a nation we can have bread! (Not with tea or coffee because government wants to ban geysers soon)

But There’s No Winter Wheat To Talk Of

Failed winter cropImage Via:

What boggles the mind is that we have no winter wheat to talk about. In July 2015 all indications were towards a failed crop as excuses such as cost of fertiliser, electricity and water were hindering the production of the crop. We wonder which wheat the Honorable Minister was talking about.

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