You Can Only Relate To This Letter If You’re Living In Zimbabwe…

Streaming down my Facebook timeline this morning, I couldn’t help but notice this awesome letter that was directed to Zimbabwe’s power utility, ZESA.

Though it is filled with satire, a lot of the points stated are agonisingly true. This after power has been a challenge in the country for the last couple of weeks.

Check out this letter that was written by Lisa Fulton in Harare below:


Dear ZESA,
I would just like to thank you for the incredible work you are doing supplying our nation with 2/4 hrs of electricity each day. So I thought I would write this letter highlighting just how much your good work is doing for me.

The ZESA Weight Loss Program (ZWLP) – My weight has never really been a concern to me, despite this you have showed me that the ZWLP is the most result showing weight loss program on the planet. I have not been able to cook for days now and you are absolutely right, I am load shedding!

The ZESA Anti-Dehydration and Water Sustainability Plan (ZADWSP) – You must be aware that there is a water crisis in our country and perhaps other countries should be looking at your model, to improve water availability and sustainability in their countries. Without electricity we cannot pump water, keeping the water table high and making sure there is water in the future: genius! The Anti-Dehydration plan was only implemented after the Water Sustainability Plan began. You realised that you are training each and every one of us to deal with no water, so we can be dehydrated for longer in preparation for any survival situation that we may find ourselves in.

The ZESA Eye Sight Improver (ZESI) – In order to improve my eye sight, turning the lights off makes me look harder improving my sight to a near 20/20 vision. If you could maybe supply only one hour of ZESA a day I will be able to see perfectly by the end of the month.

The ZESA Communicate Face to Face Plan (ZCFFP) – it is a fact that due to the digital age society is becoming socially inept face to face. NOT IN ZIM! I haven’t charged my phone in days, forcing me to interact with others in real life, face to face on a daily basis.

The ZESA Innovation and Making a Plan Plan (ZIMPP) – this is one of my favourite benefits that you offer. When you think about it, they are such a clever company. Instead of having a constant weekly schedule where we know when the power will go on and off. Keep it unpredictable; force us to be Innovative and to Make a Plan. This program is implemented at any point in time and relates back to our survival situation that may occur in the future.

This is why I would like to thank you for benefiting my life and the lives of others in our Country. I guarantee that others have benefitted from your implemented plans and I urge them to consider it as such.

Thank you with providing me with enough power to post this post.


Main Image Credit: Herald

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