Winky D Most Likely To Take Male Artiste & Song Of The Year At Zimdancehall Awards…

Winky D, Gafa, Ninja President, Ma problem disappear

The Zimdancehall Awards 2015 ceremony is on later today at the Longchen Plaza, Club 1+1 to be exact. $5 will get you in and it runs from 6pm until late, probably ending around 10pm.

Votes have been cast and fans are still able to get their last minute votes in on the Zimdancehall Awards website to make sure that their favourite artists win.

For the nominations to select the winners, the organisers of the awards used two methods; votes on their Facebook page and votes on their website. Knowing how people voted on their website is close to impossible, but on their Facebook page, the votes were clear to see.

For the two categories of ‘Best male Artiste’ and ‘Best Song of the Year’ the clear favourite of those that placed their votes was Winky D, the Ninja President. Most of the voters seem to be mesmerised by his performance last year of the hit single ‘disappear’, that has gone on to see a number of musicians doing their own covers of the song.

However, The Zimdancehall Awards organisers have since removed the posts where people were voting and only they have the figures now.

Killer T

However, some fans have said that Winky D’s song was only released at the end of the year and if one wants to judge of who was the best throughout the year then Killer T has to take that title at the awards.

Admittedly, both the artists are tired on 7 nominations for the event and it will be interesting to see which one of the two will take the most gongs on the evening.

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