Ways to pay for your DStv subscription from Zimbabwe (EcoCash, Online, Telecash)

If you’re looking to pay for your DStv bouquet from Zimbabwe, there are a number of ways to do this.

Here are the ways to pay:


EcoCash is by far the easiest way to make payment. However do note that there’s a limit of $100 a month that you can pay using EcoCash. This limit came about because of the current cash crisis in Zimbabwe.

Another sad development that has also happened is that starting 1 January 2017, Econet has announced that it will stop payments to DStv via EcoCash. This will surely leave a lot of Zimbabweans without the most convinient payments method.

But no need to despair. There are other payment methods.


Direct online payment on DStv website using VISA or Mastercard

Starting in December 2016, DSTV Zimbabwe introduced a new online self-service system to enable customers to pay their subscriptions via a website. The address is eazy.dstv.com/en/zw. This means if you have access to EcoCash, you still buy a VCN and make an online payment on the DStv website. So in a sense you can still use EcoCash in a work around manner.

The new website isn’t just about payments. You can also change your DStv bouquet packages, clear error codes, view your account, get help as well as searching for authorised installers in your area in case you still need to set it up or have someone research the signal.




Payspot - make DStv Payments


Payspot is a app that helps you make online payments. With it you can pay for DStv bouquet in South Africa. This means, even though it’s not a recommended workaround, you can have a South African DStv account and pay it from Zimbabwe using the app.

What’s more, the app also allows you to buy Airtime, pay for your ZESA, your water bill with Harare City Council, to transfer money, pay for your ZOL, TelOne & YoAfrica internet and so many other things. You can download the app here for free.

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