This Woman Dedicated 35 Years Of Her Life Towards Zimbabwe’s Catwalk…

Modelling guru and fashion designer, Vassiliki Babaletakis Divarisa, otherwise known as Kiki Divaris was declared a liberation war hero after the contribution that she made to Zimbabwe’s pageantry.

Kiki Divaris Image Via: The Standard

Appearing on the social scene after Zimbabwe’s Independence in 1980 when she designed the dress that Zimbabwe’s first Black Miss Zimbabwe (Shirley Nyanyiwa) wore, her flirtation with the pageant continued as she became the chairperson of the Miss Zimbabwe Trust a position she held for over 30 years, before handing it over three years ago to Marry Chiwenga and she became the patron.

Zimbabwe, Harare, Heroes Acre Image Via: Gary Bembridge

Known for her fashion sense, Divaris has dressed politicians’ wives especially the late First Lady Sally Mugabe, who she worked closely with in charities. She was once mistaken as the mayor of Harare because of her flamboyance and her impeccable dress sense.

A great life of 91 full years was lived and Zimbabwe will find it hard to find a selfless person who will dedicate their time and effort towards the good of the country, for no financial benefit.

For this, we see no reason why she should not be accorded liberation heroine status.