This WhizKid Just Got 30 Points At A’ Level

As students start collecting their Zimsec A’ Level results around the country, not so long ago pupils who sat for their Cambridge A’ Level examinations also collected their results and news of their performances have been trickling around the country.

One student that caught our attention and that of many in various WhatsApp groups, show an image of what appears to be a result slip at a Private school of a Cambridge student who managed to get 5A* and an A = in Zimsec terminology that’s 30 points!

Emmanuel Zhou is the owner of that result slip, and from the looks of it he has a bit of wit too. His comment “I tried. Not that bad.” shows that he had desired more (A* is the highest mark one can attain at a Cambridge exam) but when you find out that that one ‘A’ mark was for a subject he taught himself, you will see that it was all the more a great endevour.

Born in a family of 3 boys, him being the middle child, Emmanuel says that the first sign of his brilliance cropped up when he was in nursery school. While some students were given a couple of words to recite at their end of year graduation, he’s tasked was a page and a half! And he managed to recite all of it.

Currently based in Bulawayo, he attended Riverton Academy for his high schooling and in 2013 he attained 8A*’s and 2A’s. Of those 10 subjects he was the highest in Accounting and Environmental Management in the whole of Zimbabwe for that sitting.

His accomplishment looks to be an in thing at his school, as their A’ Level pass rate was 100% out of 90 candidates. The second best student managed 24 points, from 5 subjects to which Emmanuel attributes it to both personal initiative and school development.

Emmanuel’s father is an entreprenuer as well as a lecturer and his mother is an administrator, but when asking him what is the next move forward, he states that he hopes to do Petroleum Engineering or Actuarial Sciences ‘if he is lucky’. Yeah, he’s humble like that.

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