This Video Shows Just How Little Harare Has Developed Since 1983. Unbelievable.

Cnr Jameson Ave, Moffat Street, Salisbury, Rhodesia

Zimbabwe gained Independence from colonial rule in 1980. It would take 2 years before the names of towns and streets were changed, giving them new names that were more reflective of an independent country.

A video that I came across shows how Harare looked as far back as 1983, still fresh from having gained freedom. Some of us were young then (or not even born) and will look at this video with much interest as it was what was inhereted from our colonial predecessors.

However, it is interesting to note that very little infrastructural development has taken place to the landscape of the town, with there just being streets that have been closed and most noticeably, a number of roads have been turned into one way roads in the CBD.

The style of dressing and the walk stood out for me, with many have a stride that was reflective of a new found hope. The cleanliness and lack of congestion is something we have not seem for sometime, but shows that it is possible.

What stood out for you? Has the “sunshine city” changed much from your view of the video?

Main Image Credit: Salisbury, Rhodesia (Facebook Page)

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Harare formerly Salisbury is the capital of Zimbabwe. It is the seat of Government, the industrial hub and commercial centre for Zimbabwe. The city was founded by the Cecil John Rhodes-led Pioneer Column in 1890 and named Salisbury. The name was only changed to Harare in 1982 a name borrowed from the regional chief Neharawa of the Kopje area where the city stands. The city's favourable climate earned it the name 'Sunshine City'. Read More

Rhodesia was a British colony established in Southern Africa which was established in the early 1890s. The colony was christened after Cecil Rhodes who was the founder of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) which effected the colonisation of the Shona and Ndebele communities of Mashonaland and Matabeleland respectively. Rhodesian rule came to an end in April 1980 paving way for Zimbabwe an independent republic. Read More

Salisbury was the capital city of the then Southern Rhodesian colony of Southern Africa. It was the heart of administrative and commercial activity in Southern Rhodesia from the time of its establishment in 1890 up to 1982 when it was re-named to Harare. Read More

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