This Landlord Said “Merry Christmas” In The Sweetest Way Ever…

As the year has taken its toll on not only the economy, but on us as well, the joy and excitement that Christmas would usually bring is just not there this time around. Though Zimbabwe is said to be going through ‘deflation’ (yeah, that’s when prices of items go DOWN instead), even at lower prices one still needs the cash in order to buy stuff on the shelves. And the cash just ain’t there.

Having moved house 2 times in the past 12 months, no, no because I couldn’t pay the rent, but in search for a ‘cheaper place to stay’, finding an understanding landlord is like hitting the jackpot.

Meet Jack. A random dude who surfaced on the internet and extended one of the most heartwarming letters to his tenant Mike. I’ll let the letter that he gave his tenant speak for itself, but please, if you have the number for Jack, please drop it in the comments below.


If the hand writing is not too clear for you, essentially Jack (the Landlord) is thanking his tenant Mike, for being faithful and on time with his rentals. For doing this, he has had his December rentals waived as a token of appreciation this Christmas.

Bless your heart Jack!

I’ll just quickly forward this to my landlord…