These Are The Only Two Reasons Your House Will Be Demolished In Harare…


A recent visit to the City of Harare had us asking what is the reason that houses are demolished in the Sunshine City. The people at Cleveland House were very helpful and pointed us to these two reasons that homeseekers and builders should look out for:

1. Legality

If you build a housing structure on land that is not legally yours, the owners of the land have the right to seek your removal (that removal is usually in the form of demolition).

Home seekers are urged to verify the rightful owners of the land before they lay a brick.

Check out the owners of land at the following places:

Municipal land – Remembrance Drive, Mbare
Private land – Surveyor General, Cnr Angwa and Nelson Mandela Ave
State land – Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement

Once confirmed who the owners are, you have to have an agreement of sale from the previous owners that will give you the right to build.

2. Unapproved Plans

Every permanent struct needs to be approved by the City Council. If you build without approval, the City has the right to destroy your structure.

If you comply with the above two reasons, you should be home and dry.

Happy building.

Feel free to ask any questions below and based on the knowledge gained from our visit (or if need be will visit them again) and we’ll answer below.

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