The PSMAS managing director doubled his salary without board approval

PSMASA report in the Herald today that cited sourced it could not name said that the current managing director of  Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS), Mr. Henry Mandishona, awarded himself a salary increment to almost double the figure set by the board as a limit. According to the report, Mandishona also awarded some senoir executives at the medical aid society 3 times their set salary limits.

Mandishona has been suspended for mismanagement pending disciplinary action of the matter. The head of human resources, Mr. Farai Jemwa and head of finance, Elliah Madondo – the two executives paid 3 times their salary limit – were also suspended.

You will remember that PSMAS has been in the new since it was revealed last year that the now fired Group CEO, Cuthbert Dube had been paying himself a net salary of about US $32,000 a month with the blessing of the board (which was itself relieved of its duties too). The controversy, along with other revelations of parastatal CEO paying themselves extravagant salaries, came to be known as SalaryGate.

Cuthbert Dube went on to sue PSMAS for the unfair dismissal and won the US $3.4 million case against the company. PSMAS appealed against the ruling and so far, a final judgement has not been delivered yet.

Cuthbert Dube is still listed as a Group CEO on the PSMAS website.

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