TEXT: Main Points To Temba Mliswa Press Conference…

Temba Mliswa, Press ConferenceImage Credit: 263Chat

Temba Mliswa delivered a press conference today and we have it here in audio format. However, a number of you have stated that you are unable to listen to it for one reason or the other.

We’ve taken the time to summarise it for the benefit of our readers, in point form.

You can comment below what you think about this statement, whether it means anything seeing that it is coming from Temba Mliswa, the founder and National Coordinator of the Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD):

  • It worries me as Zimbabweans for how long we will just remain quiet. I speak for the voiceless.
  • Saturday 13th February 2016 marked another bleak day for democracy as Valentine’s marchers from YARD at 11:00 were brutally attacked by the police. We condemn this action.
  • We defend our members at YARD and as long as human rights are being violated on our members we shall defend them publicly.
  • Cases of crime are ever increasing and ZRP invests in such acts instead of apprehending violent crimanals.
  • We call on Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri, as chief of police, to observe the rights of Zimbabweans and immediately contact a probe.

Grace Mugabe Attacks

  • The office of the Vice President is of Government and not of Zanu PF, and when he takes that office he should do what is best for the country and not for the party.
  • Does the First Lady have the capacity to makes statements? Is she doing this from the capacity of Government or from the Zanu PF?
  • The First Lady has overstepped her boundaries. There is no one who can restrain her.
  • We saw her attacks on Mai Mujuru in the same manner.
  • It is pretty clear that the First Family practices in witchcraft.
  • There has never been a finding, an investigation or a probe in allegations about Mai Mujuru and her cabal, which includes me, in wanting to kill the President. That was the reason why we were ousted.
  • The CIO is renowned for protecting the interests of the President and the country, but up to now they are yet to come up with any evidence, but I was supposed to kill the President.
  • Vice President Mnangagwa is being accused of wanting to kill the son of the First Lady.
  • The First Lady, like any citizen in this country, has the right to file a police report that people want to kill her son.
  • For as long as the First Lady does not make a police report about Mai Mujuru and her cabal trying to kill the President and of Vice President Mnangagwa trying to kill her son then we have to question her mental state.
  • Her mental state has resulted in the economy being brought to its knees. The decisions that she is making has impacted negatively on the people of Zimbabwe
  • It is clear that the President is not in control of his wife. But we belive that the President is submitting to his wife.