Is This The Final Nail In The Air Zimbabwe Coffin?

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As of February 1 the budget airline – fastjet will operate a new international flight between Harare and Johannesburg and later Victoria Falls to Johannesburg for as little as $80 (before taxes), R1,360 if you want to be quoted in Rands. This is essentially eating into the national airline carriers cake, as currently Air Zimbabwe’s only international route is to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Fastjet recently received authorisation from both the South African and Zimbabwean governments allowing it to ply the desired route. fastjet has been flying to Dar es Salaam from Harare since 2014, with the route proving popular among Zimbabweans going to collect their cars imported from Japan.

The flights will operate daily, using an Airbus A319 jet aircraft that has a seating capacity of 144 passengers (no, sorry, no standing passengers) commencing with morning flights that depart Harare at 06:15, arriving in Johannesburg at 07:55, then making a return flight to Harare at 08:40, arriving at 10:15 (all local times).

the airline currently flies two flights out of Harare, an international flight to Dar es Salaam and a local one to Victoria Falls.

Tickets for flights will be on sale this week, with fastjet advising passengers to book early to take advantage of its lowest priced fares on both routes of R1 340* ($80) one-way. This excludes government and airport taxes (R837 [$50] departing Zimbabwe / R586 [$35] departing South Africa).

Though flights are stated in US$, it would be interesting to see whether their South African Rand fare will follow the greenbacks exchange rate, if not, the way that the Rand is falling, one could fly between the two countries at next to nothing.

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