Roderick Mutuma Steps Up To Take A Penalty. And Then This Happened..

In a friendly match played between Dynamos FC and WhaWha FC during the pre-season, the former league champions showed their intentions for the coming season by demolishing the Gweru based outfit 4-0 at Harare’s Rufaro Stadium.

Dynamos, being in control of the game, were awarded a penalty after Walter Mukanga was alleged to have been brought down in the box and the referee pointed to the spot.

Up stepped controversial striker Roderick Mutuma to take the penalty and after being inspired by the “Messi Suarez passed penalty kick” that was recently taken, he tried to duplicate it together with Dynamos new-boy Valentine Ndaba. The strategy didn’t quite go according to plan:

The “proper kick” was done in a game between FC Barcelona and Celta Vigo, where Lionel Messi gave up the opportunity to set a new record of La Liga goals of 300 in lure of Luis Suarez getting a hat-trick in the game. Bacelona went on to win that game 6-1. The MSN trio of Messi, Suarez and Neymar have been wrecking havok in many-a-defense this season and it’s no surprise that they have the luxury of attempting such casual play:

What do you think of Roderick Mutuma’s attempt? For his reward, the coach made him do sit ups as punishment!

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