President Robert Mugabe Is Dead, Again…

Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe

In what has come an annual chorus reports recently surfaced online from a dubious website, ZimEye that President Robert Mugabe had taken ill and died while in the Far East. Presidential spokesperson and permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Mr George Charamba said that one could doubt that there was a New Year, but you can not doubt that there will be rumours of the President’s death.

Sadly, what are perceived to be more credible sources picked up the falsehoods and ran with it, only to retract their articles not long there after. And the wild fire started from there, everyone citing the DailyStar and none bothering to verify.

Robert-Mugabe-Dead-SERPWebsites ran with the death hoax

Zimbabwean’s on twitter reacted to the annual news cycle that runs every year the President goes on holiday:

Charamba however stated that “Government is exploring mechanisms for dealing with such extra territorial mischief. These websites ride on carriers, don’t they?” This could point to Government getting internet service providers like Econet to block the access to such websites, but this won’t do anything for international traffic to the site.

The sad thing about this rumour is that it plays out every year to the extent that Zimbabweans are no longer moved as much as they used to be. From having cancer laying on his death bed even a cat would even him with the amount of times that he has ‘died’.

We’re not saying he is immune to death, it’s the unfounded rumours that bring fear among the people that we totally against.

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