Phillip Chiyangwa Just Announced $1m Sponsorship For Zifa. You’ll Never Believe From Who…

Newly installed Zifa president Phillip Chiyangwa was on radio this afternoon and made an announcement that he had secured $1 million dollar sponsorship for the national football body.

This timely funding is coming at a time that Zimbabwe will potentially be booted out of a second set of World Cup qualifiers (Qatar 2022) after they we expelled from Russia 2018 qualifiers due to non payment of financial obligations to former Zimbabwe Warrior’s Brazilian coach Valinhos (real name Jose Claudinei Georgini).

The Sponsor

Sir Wicknell Chivayo posing by his new carImage Via: Cars Zimbabwe

The source of the funding, is from a rather peculiar person, Sir Wicknell, who is known more for his loud mouth on Facebook, than his business ventures. Though he has been an active philanthropist, giving to Miss Carnival, underprivileged school children and even donating a car and scholarship to former Big Brother Star Game contestant Maneta, Wicknell Chivayo was recently awarded a $128m tender to construct a hydro power station in Manicaland.

His company is however more remembered for an alleged scandal, where they were included as winners in a tender, even after not having met the criteria that ZPC were looking for. He has openly confirmed having been involved in fraudulent activities that saw him serving time in prison, while scoffing that if he was doing anything illegal right now the police should come arrest him.

The Agreement

Phillip Chiyangwa signs $1m agreement with Sir WicknellImage Via:

The seriousness of this agreement is brought into questions, as not only is it signed on one page and that there are no witnesses to it, but both signatories to the agreement failed to realise that the spelling to Tom Saintfiet was spelled wrong (“Saintliff”) which really brings back into question whether Chiyangwa is the right person to be heading Zimbabwean soccer. Worse still, Chiyangwa’s first name is spelt wrong in the agreement. Makes you wonder if he really does know what the meaning of ZIFA, FIFA, COSAFA and CAF are.

How serious this agreement is, we’ll have to wait and see, but from the surface it looks like the same script, only different actors.

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