Pharrell Just Told This Zimbabwean He “Sang Happy Much Better Than He Did”…

Appearing on NBC’s The Voice, Brian Nhira, a Zimbabwean who left the country with his family 16 years ago, sang a rendition of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’.

So impressed were the judges that two of them had a little on stage battle to try and woo the singing sensation. They further had him do another song, gospel favourite ‘Jesus Loves Me’.

On commenting abut Brian’s singing ability, Pharrell had this to say:

Singing-wise I felt like you went up there and had yourself a good time. Clearly you sing the song much better than I do.”

Brian entered the show not only to fulfil his dreams but to honour his parents as well. And from his performance and the smiles on their faces, he’s done that already.

Here’s his audition. We’ll be following his performance in the show.