Norton Warned Their Residents In The Most Crude Way Yet…

If you have been to Zimbabwe and travelled her streets you’d have noticed that people have a very low regard to keeping their country clean. Waste is littered almost everywhere as pedestrians and motorists alike toss stuff on the floor as if the waste is toxic and will cause them to die if they hold on it until they get to a refuse bin.

The other element is of human waste, when a number of people think that taking a dump any and everywhere is a sign of marking their territory or something. Bus termini, night spots and central alleys in town seem to be magnets for people to relieve themselves as we have a habit of failing to keep sh*t in.

Well, Norton Town Council (a town 40km south-west of Harare) decided that they had to put their foot down and put out this message telling their residents to desist from such bad practices.

Norton town council waste warningImage Credit: @iMisred

The message reads:

Norton yaramba zvekuitira DHODHI pachena. Dhodhi muchimbudzi tapota”

Translated it means “Norton Town says NO to relieving yourself in the open. Only deposit your human waste in the toilet.”