New Road Fines NOT In Effect Say Police…

A recent story we published stated that $100 traffic fines had come into effect as from 1 January 2016. This was based on information that was seen in the Sunday Mail and we took it as true.

However, a team of concerned citizens made a visit to ZRP traffic HQ at Harare Central Police on 4 January 2016 to seek clarity on the issue and this is what has been established:

Zimbabwe Police roadblockFile Photo

The fine structure proposed by Minister Chinamasa in the National Budget for 2016, has NOT been gazetted into law.

The fines listed in the Schedule of Deposit Fines, issued in August, 2013, remain in effect.

Although the Finance Bill (with the proposed new fines) passed through parliament at the end of December, in order for police to impose a fine of $100.00, either the Finance Act or the Criminal Procedures and Evidence Act, have to be amended. Nothing has been gazetted to this effect since the Minister presented the National Budget.

Zimbabwe $100 police fineImage Sent Via WhatsApp Group

Where a motorist feels he or she is being fined unfairly, ZRP Traffic Public Relations confirm the motorist is permitted to inspect the Schedule of Deposit Fines, a copy of which should be available at every roadside checkpoint.

The fines listed in the Deposit Schedule for the old SI 154/2010 now apply to SI 129/2015 that came into effect on 14 December, 2015. For example, if a fine for a fire extinguisher was $5.00 in SI 154, it remains $5.00 for a fire extinguisher under SI 129.

Finally, a gentle reminder that calm and courteous behavior at a checkpoint will contribute significantly to a fair outcome.

Information reliably obtained  from Big Sky Supplies.

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