Magaya Invades Land After Property Owner Refuses Sale…

PHD ministries rock water featureRock water feature at PHD Ministries

Prophet Walter Magaya together with his chruch Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries have admitted to unlawfully encroaching onto a neighbour’s property, popularly known as “Rocks Lodge”, next to its Waterfalls chapel in Harare.

The agreed facts of the matter are that:

On November 2 2011, Panabase Consultancy (Private) Limited acquired a portion of Stand No. 8 of Prospect from the original owners, Crainleigh Park Club. It then went on to carry out some developments including construction of a dwelling house, four semi-detached dwelling units, an entertainment area, gazebos, borehole, ablution blocks and many others.

Sometime in December 2015, PHD offered to buy Panabase’s two-hectare (20 000 m^2) property for $235 000 but the parties failed to reach an agreement. PHD later encroached onto Panabase’s land (specifically the hill/rock outcrop at the Caledon Avenue entrance as well as the reed pool immediately below the rock outcrop) and occupied it, developing a water feature which integrates the rock outcrop and the reed pool.

As part of an out of court settlement, the parties have agreed to negotiate the sale of the land while PHD will pay rentals to Panabase. Sale negotiations have been set to complete within two months.

We’re not sure whether the construction that is taking place by PHD is their 15,000 seater multi purpose stadium or the 200,000 seater church.

Main Image Credit: PHD Ministries Facebook Page