Looking to hire a lawyer in Zimbabwe? Here are the fees you should be charged


Did you know that the fees lawyers can charge you are set by the Lawyers Society of Zimbabwe? Did you know that these rates are publicly available to anyone so that they can guide you on what is fair charge and what’s not? Most of us are not aware of this and as a result have no idea if we can afford to approach a lawyer to get legal help or not. And when you can’t get legal help, you usually get short end of the stick.

We have listed below the rates you should expect to be charged for the different legal services you will likely need at least once in your life.

General Professional Services

Lawyer's Years ExperienceBasic Hourly Rates, with 50% Margins on either side (USD)
20 years and over$177 - $300
15 – 19 years 11 months$153 - $265
10 – 14 years 11 months$130 - $195
5 – 9 years 11 months $110 - $165
2 – 4 years 11 months $84 - $127
0 – 1 year 11 month$65 - $98
Unregistered law graduate whose name is recorded by LSZ$25 - $75


Standard Fees for Basic Work

Sale Agreement

  • Residential or farm:    US$240-360 or 2% of selling- price, whichever is the greater    
  • Business or Shares:    US$466-700 or 4% of selling-price, whichever is the greater


Lease Agreement

  • Residential:    US$220-330 or one month’s rent, whichever is the greater
  • Business/Farm:    US$444-600 or one month’s rent, whichever is the greater.


Uncontested Divorce (with or without consent paper, with minimal negotiations and including appearance in Court, where necessary)

  • for Plaintiff:    US$ 805-1200
  • for Defendant:    US$  444-600
  • for correspondent:    charge applicable rate or 50% of the correspondent’s fees, whichever is higher



  • simple (e.g., all to spouse, one or two bequests):    US$ 250-375
  • more complex, (e.g. multiple heirs and/or bequests, trust established  etc):    charge applicable rate


Company Formation

(with share certificates and initial companies act forms)

  • with a full set of Articles:    US$ 333-500
  • where Articles substantially incorporate Table A, whether or not with modifications:    US$ 250-375


Notarial Work

  • simple ante- and post-nuptial contract:    charge applicable rate
  • change of name:    US$150-225
  • simple authentication:    charge applicable rate
  • notarial cession of book debts where this is not part of notarial bond:    2% of the value involved
  • bond:    charge conveyancing tariff


Liquor Licence

  • renewals to Secretary:    US$ 220-330
  • all other applications:    charge applicable rate, with minimum of US$ 220-330


Shop Licence 

  • charge applicable rate, with minimum of US$ 220-330


 General Power of Attorney

  • US$60-90


Insolvency/Liquidation Claim

  • 2.5% of the value claimed


Please note that as indicated above the actual fee will vary based on a number of things such as the number of years your lawyer has been practicing, VAT and other things. The fees above are merely a guide so you can sense if it’s way out of the set tariff, e.g 40% higher.

These tariffs took effect on 1 April 2009. You can find the document for download on the LSZ website here.

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