Large Amount Of Traffic Police On The Road To Continue

ZRP Traffic police

The huge police presence that we have been seeing on the road will continue as the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs says that they are pushing to keep the country peaceful and for sanity on the roads to prevail. Police are looking to reduce the amount of road carnage and the movement of criminals.

Interestingly, Zimbabwe recorded one of the bloodiest festive seasons in history, even though the police increased their presence on the road to as many as 45,000 offices. With 130 people having died on the roads this festive season (as of 6 January – Zimbabwe’s festive season is recorded from 16 Dec – 15 Jan every year) one wonders what ‘sanity’ they were bringing.

I think those roadblocks should be there. That is why Zimbabwe is so peaceful. Because you can’t go through all those roadblocks even if you are carrying firearms or drugs, police will get you.

Late last year, Government brought back road rules that were previously suspended, such as the carrying of reflective vests, red triangles and spare wheels. January 2016 was meant to see the introduction of new traffic fines, but was later proved to be void at law as it was not gazetted.

Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri has previously stated there was

no country in the world that doesn’t have police road blocks. Setting up police road blocks is a police function and it is decided by the police in terms of the law. As long as there are roads, motor vehicles and criminals, road blocks would be set. Whether they are many or not many, that is the decision of the police because that is part of our mandate. What some people call many might be too little for us.

The huge police presence on the road has been bemoaned as detriment to tourism as they were a serious inconvenience opposed to maintaining law and order. While others have accused the police of being corrupt and very little of the money making it to national coffers.