Killer T Wins The Most Awards At Zimdancehall Awards 2016


Earlier in the month, before the Zimdancehall Awards ceremony held tonight, we speculated on who would bag the most awards this year. Killer T takes that title for 2016, ahead of Winky D! The two artists were both nominated for 7 awards each.

Of the 7 categories that he was nominated in, Killer T won 4 awards in the following:

  • Best Artist 2016 (Male)
  • Best Collaboration with Fungisai Zvakavapano for the song Vanondibatirana
  • Best Album for his 2015 Album Ngoma Ndaimba
  • Best Social Message for Chikorobho (tied with Seh Calaz)

He however didn’t win in the following 3 categories:

  • Song of the Year (won by Winky D’s Disappear)
  • Best Conscious Song (won by Seh Calaz’s Amai)
  • Zimdancehall Ambassador (won by Freeman)

Who else won a lot of awards? Seh Calaz got 2 awards,  and Winky D just 2 as well. Winky was heavily contesting the Best Artist Award because of the success of his Disappear song but ultimately, Killer T had a more successful 2015 overall.