How the Twitter war between Jonathan Moyo & South Africa’s Ex-Reserve Bank governor started

So you might have heard that former Reserve Bank of South African, Tito Mboweni, went all out on Twitter yesterday accusing Jonathan Moyo of hindering economic progress in Zimbabwe and saying he’s irritated by the minister. What started the war was a different issue actually. It was the issue of Sudanese President’s presence in South Africa and the country’s failure (or decision) to not arrest on behalf of the ICC him for war crimes allegedly committed in his country.

After the Sudanese president left, Jonathan Moyo tweeted:

Tito Mboweni, displeased by the tweets as he apparently wished for the Sudanese president to be arrested, tweeted:

And then a day later, tweeted again, this time directing his anger at Jonathan Moyo directly

Later the same day, Jonathan Moyo responded to Mboweni’s initial tweet calling him “noisy, childish and dumb”;

This tweet seems to have set Mboweni off as he then sent a string of angry tweets:

Moyo didn’t respond the same day. But the next morning tweeted back:

He even wondered how a guy like Tito Mboweni was governor of the Reserve Bank of the South Africa at one point.

And then to the accusations by Mboweni:

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Image credit: Daily Maverick

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