These 5 Tips Will Keep You From Getting Your Car Clamped In Harare…

Making a trip to Harare’s Central Business District (CBD) can be a gruelling experience, not only with the traffic but also with finding a place to park. If you play your cards wrong on the latter, not only can you get clamped ($57 fine) you could get towed away too ($160+ fine).

Knowing what is required of you as a motorist when parking in town will help not only save you money but time as well, as it can chew a large chunk of your day running from office to office trying to retrieve your vehicle.

Here are the reasons why your vehicle will be clamped in Harare CBD and what you can do to avoid this happening:

1. Non-payment

City of Harare clamping zone

Every motorist that parks at a designated City of Harare parking slot between business hours is required to pay for that parking slot, whether it is for an hour or for the whole day. When you park, it is the duty of the driver to look for the parking marshall and give them their money for the duration to which you will park. If you cannot find the marshall, you have to wait until you do so and only leave your vehicle once a parking ticket as been placed on it. Trust me, I learnt the hard way.

2. Outstanding Fines

Parking ticket on vehicle

At times you may park and not find the parking marshall, go into a shop or office and do your business, and when you return to your vehicle you’ll see a parking ticket on your windscreen but no marshall nearby for you to pay to. When you drive away without paying never think that you won and have gotten away with it. It will come to bit you. Either wait for the parking marshall (this is best so that you close your account) or the next time that you’re in CBD ask the marshall to call up your account and pay whatever is outstanding.

3. Dangerous Parking

NewsVyb-harare-parkingImage Via:

The City of Harare traffic enforcement department has the duty to clear our roads and have a free flow of traffic in the CBD. This includes removing double parkers (those that usually park on the main road behind other cars that have parked in the parking bay).

Further, parking bays are marked and designated and parking in a bay that is not for vehicles will cause you to be clamped too. There are also certain bays that are reserved, most of the time for government officials, so it is always best to park in the bay and make payment to the parking marshall. Should you have parked in the wrong spot they will advise you and not ticket you until you have parked in a legal position.

4. ZINARA Licence

City of Harare Vehicle license disc

ZINARA is the new administrator of vehicle licenses but the City of Harare have been called in to help enforce the penalisation of those that have not paid their vehicle licensing. Anyone found without a valid licence disc will be liable to be clamped and the onus is on the driver to make sure that they are always up to date when driving on Zimbabwean roads.

5. For Sale Sign

Motor vehicle clamped, for sale signImage Via:

Any vehicle seen to be displaying a ‘For Sale’ sign when parked will be clamped. This probably is to avoid people from creating a ‘car sales’ shop in town and anyone who is in the process of trying to sell their car through the usage of a poster stuck on their window ought to remove it when the vehicle is parked.

Have you had any experiences with parking marshalls in town? How have you come to manage/deal with them?

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