Here’s How To Watch The CHAN 2016 Matches Online…

African footballers celebrating

So yesterday while trying to watch the Zimbabwe vs Zambia game, we realised that our local national television station ZBC TV was showing cartoons instead of the match (some people argued that there was no difference as the Warriors were a joke on the afternoon, but that discussion is for another day).

For some people they may be constrained either by working hours and are unable to go home and watch it, here are the ways that we found one could watch the matches online (provided you have a fast internet connection and preferably an unlimited package – it will chew your data):

  1. Go on over to this Youtube Channel for RwandaTV, where you can stream the matches live here. Unfortunately, the commentary is not in English so you will have to make do with the visuals.
  2. Go to FirstRow Sports
    Scroll down to the particular match you want to watch and click on it. It should start streaming after that.
  3. Go to Stream2Watch
    Scroll down to the Soccer section, look for the match you want to watch. Click on it and start streaming

As these websites are advert driven, be weary as to what you click on, as there is quite a bit of ‘adware’. If you click on something that does not appear to be the game, just close and start the instructions again.

Both options 2 and 3 state that Google Chrome is the best browser to use when live streaming their services.

Happy viewing.

Again we say #GoWarriorsGo.

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