Here Are Zimbabwe’s New Traffic Fines, Effective 1 January 2016

police-roadblockA hike in traffic fines was proposed in the 2016 budget that was presented in November.  The new traffic fines have now been approved by the Zimbabwean parliament (UPDATE: Police have stated otherwise and so we await a Government Gazette to put them into law. We shall update accordingly).

Here is a list of the (proposed) new traffic fines:

$100 fines (previously $20)

  • Driving without a valid driver’s licence
  • Proceeding against a red traffic light
  • Driving a vehicle whose foot brakes are not working
  • Overtaking over a solid white line


$20 fines (previously $10)

  • Fail to signal a slow down, stopping or turning right or left
  • Cutting corner or turning right
  • Proceeding against amber robot
  • Verbally abusing other road users
  • Encroaching white lines at traffic light stops


$10 fines (previously $5)

  • Double Parking
  • No stopping, no parking, no left or right turn
  • Leaks of fuel and oil
  • Discarding rubbish from a vehicle
  • Spitting in or from vehicles

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