Here Are Zimbabwe’s Most Accomplished Musicians

With Oliver Mtukudzi recently celebrating 40 years in music, it’s fitting that we celebrate other musicians in Zimbabwe whose success and contribution to the industry has had huge impact on Zimbabweans and the world at large. “Success” here we defined based on the number of albums released and therefore longevity in the industry…

Simon Chimbetu

Simon ChimbetuImage Via: Flickriver – photographer695

Affectionately known by his fans as Chopa, Sulumani Chimbetu’s uncle, Simon Chimbetu was officially the Master of Song. With a total of 22 albums, which included hits Survival, Lullaby, Ndouraiwa and African Panorama, Chimbetu was in a class of his own offering distinctly rich lyrics and insight. Chimbetu passed in 2005 but is still very fresh in the minds of his huge fan base in and beyond Zimbabwe.

Somandla Ndebele

Somandla NdebeleImage Via: Somandla Ndebele Facebook Profile

Sungura musician Somandla Ndebele has dished out 22 albums to date, having established himself in the genre as one of the leaders and trendsetters. Ndebele, popularly known as Mafia to his fans, has hits such as “Muzukuru Peter” and did a number of collaborations with Tongai Moyo.
22 albums

Hosiah Chipanga

Hosiah ChipangaImage Via: NehandaRadio

The Kwachu Kwachu singer is known for his eccentricity and has to his name some 25 albums to date. The musician cum Religious leader cum Politician has over the years released songs focused on advising his followers on social issues.

Nicholas Zakaria

Nicholas ZakariaImage Via:

Madzibaba, or Senior Lecturer as he’s affectionately known for having mentored music greats such as Alick Macheso and System Tazvida, sungura musician Nicholas Zakaria has released 27 albums to date and doesn’t look like he’ll be stopping anytime soon. The “Tsamba” hitmaker who joined Prophet Walter Magaya’s PHD Ministries not so long ago, has assured his fans that he was still the same musician of old.

Thomas Mapfumo

Thomas MapfumoImage Via:

With more than 52 albums to his name, the Chimurenga musician whose most popular albums include Chimurenga Explosion, and hits such as Corruption, Mukanya, as he’s popularly known, is now based in the USA but very much still one of Zimbabwe’s most loved and accomplished musicians.

Oliver Mtukudzi

Oliver MtukudziImage Via: PhenomxIV

With a career spanning 4 decades of hit making, there’s no denying Tuku’s success as a musician. To his name is some 63 albums some of which include the 1997 hit album, Tuku Music, which had tracks such as Dzoka Uyamwe, Todii, Mabasa and Mai Varamba.

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