All You Need To Know About Taps Mugadza

Announcing his presence on the global stage, Taps Mugadza has done it in an astonishing way, getting recognition from well established sources such as the USA Billboards and E! and a host of other publications.

Added to this are well over 1.6m views on his YouTube video of the song the former ‘A’ Academy Zimbabwe contestant, and third place winner, has come a long way over the years.

Birth and Abandoning

baby in busket

Taps was born Tapiwa Kudakwashe Mugadza on 14 June 1988. Just two days after that, he’d be abandoned at the doorstep of an orphanage.


At age 8, Taps was transferred to Saint Joseph’s Hoem for Boys in Harare, together with 4 other boys from where he was initially staying. These boys were like family to him and when one of them passed away Taps turned to music in order to deal with the trauma.

Joining The Choir

Celebration choir
After a visit by a church group to St. Joseph’s, one of the church members left an old guitar to one of Taps’ friends. from here Taps would teach himself how to play the instrument and form a small singing group with other orphan boys.

Taps would join Celebration Choir, one of the largest Pentecostal churches in Zimbabwe, and after 3 years was leading worship. From here he would also join a Christian mission group – ROCK of Africa travelling with them on outreach programs.

Singing Career

While still at Celebration Church, Taps entered Zimbabwe’s version of ‘Idols’ – ‘A’ Academy in 2006. A grueling contest resulted in him finishing third overall and announcing his presence on the Zimbabwean music scene.

Through ROCK of Africa, Taps secured support for a trip to America in 2009 to help find sponsors to secure his future in music. In May 2009, Taps was accepted at a student at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood later graduating with the school’s highest honor, ‘Outstanding Artist’ and both the head of his program and the president of the school saying they had never seen anyone as talented at Taps.


Taps has performed a number of ‘covers’ of songs for various artists but not many may know that he has his own EP (Extended Play – this is more than just a single, but not enough songs to be a full album) – ‘Almost Home’. Singles such as “What have I done“, “When you said Goodbye” and “Burn the roses” make up the compilation.

Hello – Adele (cover)

Arguably his greatest success thus far, has been his rendition of Adele’s hit single “Hello” that took the world by storm in November 2015.

The cover has been so successful that he even managed to upstage RnB greats such as Joe Thomas garnering more views and publicity over his version of the song.

For those who are yet to experience the song, be sure to check it out here:

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