Guy Does The Only Thing Someone Who Has A Genius Sister Can Do…

When you have a sister who sets the record as not only being the youngest University student in Zimbabwe but also in Africa at the age of 14 years, the bar is set rather high. There are not many options for you but to follow in the path that has been set before.

Maud Chifamba just recently finished her four year Bachelor of Accountancy Honors Degree at the University of Zimbabwe, becoming the country’s youngest accountant at the age of 17, while her peers are sitting for their final year exams in high school. But the intelligence wand did not stop being waved at her alone.

Mukundi Chifamba

Mukundi Chifamba
Born on April 22, 1999 just two years after Maud, Mukundi had a similar upbringing as his sister, one of hardships and poverty. Competition was rife between the two, with Mukundi many a time wanting to outshine his sister and show that he was more intelligent.


African children standing, poverty
Needing to walk over 7 km to school daily, in a class of 70 (yes, SEVENTY), as Grade 1 and 2 pupils were in the same class, Mukundi many times answered questions that were for kids in a higher grade. Financial constraints forced him to drop out of school in Grade 6, and after being enrolled in a family friends college to continue his education, he skipped Grade 7 because the institution only had a high school. While in Form 3 he was forced to drop out of school when the money for fees were lacking, the situation drove him to vending together with his elder brother.

‘A’ Levels

African school children in class, exams
After a year out of school, Maud managed to raise enough funds for her brother to write his O’ Level exams, to which he sat and passed 6 subjects. Proceeding to A’ Levels, Mukundi wrote his exams in June 2014 and attained 8 points allowing him to commence his university education.

Going To University

university students graduate, throw caps into air
At just 16 years of age, Mukundi Chifamba like his sister would enter the University of Zimbabwe to start a degree program years before the “normal time”. Studying Business Studies Mukundi says he thinks his father knew he’d overcome a lot in life and be a victor, hence giving him the name ‘Mukundi’ which translates to ‘victor’ in English.