Government intends to make electric geyser illegal in Zimbabwe starting October 2015

solar-geyserZimbabwe’s government intends to introduce a new law that makes it illegal to use of electric geysers from as early as the beginning of October 2015, a report in the Herald says. A Statutory Instrument will be issued to outlaw the use of electric geysers in preference of solar geysers.

Owners of electric geysers, according to an announcement made by the Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Energy and Power Development, Partson Mbiri, will be given a deadline to switch off their electric geysers. The deadline will be announced at the beginning of October.

In an article on this site a few days ago, we listed the issues with Zimbabwe’s power supply that have plunged the country into load shedding periods of as long as 24 hours at a time. Essentially, where the country needs about 2,000 Megawatts of power, the country’s power stations are generating a mere 984 MW.

The government however says that electric geysers consumer about 40% of  power in households that have them, and turning them off could save the country the precious energy.

Government is resorting to these measures as increasing power capacity in the country will take at least two years if everything goes according to plan. Mbiri also said the problem is that government had for years neglected the issue of increasing power capacity, having last done so back in 1987.


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