Geraldine Just Got Framed – We All Never Noticed It!

This morning we woke up to a shocking conversation that was “intercepted”.

That someone’s privacy was violated, was not big an issue.

Story goes that a certain Geraldine, was chatting with her friend about how she should keep/hang on to her love interest, an “Ishmael”, with details as gory as collecting human feaces from the bush and mixing it with some concoction but still failing to hold on to her man.

But the chat is clear, fair and square some may say…

Not really.

See, when someone messages you and their number is not save in your phone contacts, WhatsApp puts spaces between the digits of that person’s phone number:


However, in the “intercepted” conversation “Geraldine’s number” is shown to be closely together:


So how was this possible?

Here’s how:

  1. Person who wants Geraldine framed had access to either two phones or two WhatsApp accounts (how can you have two WhatsApp applications on one phone is for another day)
  2. This person then saves “Geraldine’s number” as the name of the contact. Essentially, they typed in a number that has a WhatsApp account, but instead of the name of the contact, they saved “Geraldine’s number”.
  3. Worse still, there’s an app for that (see message below)
  4. They then had this back and forth conversation and made it look like “Geraldine” was actually typing and they said all they wanted to implicate her for.


So there you have it folks, clearly someone trying to get back at “Geraldine”, and in the dirtiest way possible.

Oh well, nothing to look at here then, hurry along…

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