Fungisai Just Won Her First Zimdancehall Award…

Fungisayi Zvakavapano

Fungisai Zvakavapano, who has a career spanning over 16 years, predominately sang gospel music and had managed to forge herself as one of Zimbabwe’s leading gospel artists.

With her career seeming to be losing steam Fungisai decided to ditch her management team and venture into Zimdancehall, collaborating with multi-award winning artist Killer T.

Her bet paid off.

Her collaboration with Killer T, ‘Vanondibatirana‘ won the 2015 award for ‘Best Collaboration‘ at the Zimdancehall awards.

The song was produced by man of the moment Oskid and talks about someone who is going through difficulties in life and they are confused about how they lost their way. They now feel possessed by evil spirits and are calling out to the elders of the church to come and pray for them.

Being known as a gospel artist set a standard that she felt was not meant to be and that she was not required to live by:

My beat is chimurenga and chingende. I have been trying to untangle myself from this maze that I found myself in. But then you hear that “Fungisai we church avekuenda ku Jazz 105 (Funigisai the girl from church has gone to Jazz 105 – popular jazz spot in Harare), Fungisai has performed with Joe Thomas”.

As you can see, the inner person in me is battling the norms of society. Right from the onset, you would hear that I have performed with Bongo Maffin, I would perform with Luciano with all that smoke. It has always been like that. It is not that easy but I have managed to say this is who I am and I hope with time people will love me for the person that I am, not the person they want me to be.

No video has been produced for the video just yet, but you can listen to it below.

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