First Victoria Falls, Now Bulawayo Is In South Africa…

African man shocked, holding head

Earlier this year, an article published on CNN, the global news agency, shocked Zimbabweans and a number of people around the world when they decided to “relocate Victoria Falls” to South Africa. They did this when making reference to Victoria Falls, citing that it was in South Africa. A bit of laziness on the reporter’s part, as though Vic Falls is marketed considerably by South African tour operator’s packages, a quick look at an atlas would have shown its true location.

Not to be outdone, an article that surfaced online at the end of December 2015, a Daily Mail reporter, Sophie Jane Evans saw it fit to clandestinely have Bulawayo referenced as “South African” even though the article she drew reference from only mentioned South Africa once.

A story was reported on that had a man’s wedding being cancelled due to the emergence of his wife (the first one and not the one he was getting married to), that had initially been reported on by the Chronicle. The man, the article stated, had told his new wife (well the one he tried to marry) that he was South African based and hence his continual disappearance for days on end, meanwhile he would be back with his first wife.

This is the only reference that’s made to South Africa in the article, but it seems Evans chose to add relevance to the issue but making it a “South African” ceremony. One would understand her saying ‘southern African’ but to label Bulawayo as being in South Africa, as Zimbabwe is not relevant enough is just absurd. Almost 36 years of existence and people choose to reference us as being South African is just not on!