DSTV South Africa Increases Prices; Still Cheaper Than Zimbabwe…

DSTV Premium

An announcement was made today of DSTV increasing its South Africa package prices, just marginally, the highest increase being 8%, with some packages even reducing.

This is rather interesting as to how they’ve handled it, as South Africa’s Rand has lost value considerably, 33% year-to-date, and their increases are somewhat close to their inflation (between 6-8%).

The increase that South Africans will be made to pay comes nowhere close to what subscribers in Zimbabwe are currently paying, from between 50% to 100% more.

The table below shows what South African subscribers were paying in 2015 and what they will soon pay (this increase is effective April 1, 2016). It also has DSTV Zimbabwe’s rates, using a generous exchange rate for the Rand of R16 = $1.

DStv SA Packages 2015 Price2016 PriceDSTV Zimbabwe
DStv PremiumR699R759R1,296
DStv ExtraR425R459R880
DStv CompactR319R345R512
DStv FamilyR199R219R336
DStv Select*R199R219Not Available
DStv AccessR99R99R176
DStv EasyViewR39R29Not Available
M-Net Analogue/CSN*R335R369Not Available
DStv IndianR319R345R560
XtraView Access FeeR80R85R176

The disparency in pricing makes it difficult for subscribers to opt to pay a higher price here in Zimbabwe when there are options (though illegal) for them to subscribe down South and Multichoice South Africa would seem to be reluctant to switch them off as this practice has been going on for some time. However, when we called Multichoice South Africa this morning they stated that they were in the process of blocking these accounts as they had a department that was looking into it.

Multichoice, the owners of DSTV, announce an increase in their pricing every year (well, at least, this has been the norm) and are yet to announce if there will be a price change for Zimbabwe, whether negative or positive.

Image Credit: www.dstv.com

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