Caught Using Your Cellphone In School, We’ll Sell It – This School Thinks So

We know that technology is fast creeping upon us and things that were considered a luxury when we were growing up are now becoming a necessity.

Cellphones for example, never existed back in our day (well, depending when your “day” was, but we’re talking pre-2000s here) and we had the joys of communicating through call boxes and letters (no kids, not alphabet letters, but these little papers that we’d write stuff on and send with some guy on a bicycle).

So, to the story at hand…

A certain school in Bulawayo, Townsend Girls High School to be exact, thinks that if they catch any of their students with cellphones at school, not only will the confiscate it, but they’ll run an auction and let it go for a song. Samsung Galxay S4’s worth $300+ went for as little as $15!

Beat that OK Grand Challenge!

Guess they did not hear the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Lazarus Dokora say:

“I do not see any problem with allowing pupils to bring and use their cellphones at schools because we are in a time of technological advancement. We want them to have those things, be it cellphones, laptops or other mobile devices since we are living in a world where technology is changing every day.

“It would actually be an advantage to the pupils as they are able to view the world differently through new technologies.”

The debate rages on, should cellphones be used in schools?

Main Image Via: USAID