Audio: George Charamba’s ZiFM Stereo Interview and Jonathan Moyo’s response

On 28 January, in an interview on ZiFM Stereo, the presidential spokesperson George Charamba, who was believed to be siding with the Emmerson Mnangagwa faction, attacked what he called secessionists saying they lacked political savvy.

One tragedy of those little fellas, and I call them little fellas, they confuse media skills with social skills. They think you can scale up a political ladder by tweeting, who think when you manipulate one or two headlines, you have a social base for launching your stupid ambitions, they will come to grief, get it from me. Tensions are mounting in Zanu PF. Accusations and counter-accusations are being thrown. This time around it is George Charamba VS Jonathan Moyo or more particularly the G40
My bosses tenure is being discussed by his juniors. And that’s what makes me angry.

We include the full interview below:

Jonathan Moyo responded via Twitter and here are the tweets:

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The Moyo-Charamba debate in Zanu PF’s succession drama

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